Kata Custom

Customers outsource all or some areas of their transportation & logistics functions to Kata Logistics. This is for customers who want to place laser focus on their core business, yet need expertise in managing the very important elements of transportation & logistics.

The process will begin with an in-depth supply chain review, including a deep dive analysis of your transportation & logistics network. Following the RFQ process, KPI’s are established, dashboards and reports are created, and carriers are assigned based upon their ability to meet cycle time and cost requirements. For FTL, this generally occurs at the lane level; and for LTL and parcel, this occurs at both by lane and weight.

  • Model the vision for the future state
  • Determine the iterative steps to reach this future state
  • Identify current and potential impediments and develop a systematic approach to removing
  • RFQ process for FTL, LTL, and parcel
  • Mode and carrier optimization
  • Integration (API, EDI, FTP are ideal)
  • Customer dashboards and portals for tracking and rating

Key Benefits

Customer specific solution to drive supply chain excellence – Drastically reduced costs, decreased delivery and return cycle time; improved cycle time consistency, increased transparency into network performance; and improved connectivity between supply chain partners.