About Kata Logistics

Kata Logistics is a leader in providing managed transportation and other value added logistics services. Recognizing that no two customers are the same, our solutions are engineered and executed specific to individual customer demand.

Kata uses a collaborative and data driven approach to achieving excellence in transportation and logistics network performance. Our solutions drastically reduce cost, decrease delivery or return cycle time; improve cycle time consistency, increase transparency into network performance; and improve connectivity between supply chain partners.

We utilize a customized transportation management system to integrate with our customers, carriers, and when required; our customers’ customers, to create a seamless and optimized supply chain experience. The TMS system optimizes and automates the entire shipment life-cycle, but also provides in-depth reports and dashboards to drive business intelligence in supply chain processes.

We have long-standing, collaborative, relationships with carriers in every mode including: LTL, FTL (both OTR and IM), couriers, final mile providers, and regional parcel companies. Our partner carriers are carefully selected, onboarded, and managed specific to each customers’ unique needs.

Our team consists of experts in transportation and logistics procurement and negotiations, logistics engineering, solution design and implementation, and operations. As our name suggests, we believe in building and executing world class solutions using data driven, routine practices with such adeptness that they become second-nature, using these routines as building blocks in our overall solution as well as a never-ending process of continuous improvement that evolves with our customers – the Improvement Kata.

Kata Services

  • Kata Custom – This is our core service. Supports our customers who require a specific, optimized, managed transportation solution.
  • Kata QBT – Supports our customers who require a transactional service. Customers are provided online access to quote, book, track shipments across all modes, and access to a robust set of filterable reports.
  • Kata Insights – Supports customers who need consulting and coaching service as they grow.

Our comprehensive capabilities include

  • Network design and optimization
  • Carrier selection and management
  • Transportation management services
  • Price and service optimization
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Reporting-shipment cycle time, cost, carrier specific, etc
  • Centralized shipment visibility
  • Freight bill audit and pay
  • RFQ management